Ian McDingdong, live action hero and on scene reporter, covers the latest news and reviews from the horror obscure to the horror WTF. 

Fuckery 9 – Killer Nerd

A nerd is harassed by punks, and is the object of ridicule at work. Enamored by a co-worker, he buys a tape series on how to be cool, summons...

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Fuckery 8 – Helen Keller v Nightwolves

In yet another masterpiece by St. James St. James, this film explores the true story that government didn't want you to know about how Helen Keller really lost her...

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Fuckery 7 – Filthy McNastiest

The demonic D'artagnan grants Clavell's desire to satisfy his lover in one area where he's coming up "short" with hilariously over-the-top consequences, proving yet again that the female is...

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Fuckery 6 – Elves

A young woman discovers that she is the focus of an evil Nazi experiment involving selective breeding and summoned elves, an attempt to create a race of supermen. She...

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Fuckery 5 – Cutting Class

Fuckery 3 – Taintlight

Riding the lofty coattails of the international tween sensation, TAINTLIGHT is the tale of Stella, a young girl who falls in love with an ancient, beautifully-behaired bloodsucker named Edgar.

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Fuckery 2 – Llamagedon

A killer llama from outer space crash lands on Earth and brings death and destruction to everyone in its path.

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Fuckery 19 – The Gingerdead Man

An evil yet adorable Gingerbread man comes to life with the soul of a convicted killer - this real life cookie monster wreaks havoc on the girl who sent...

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