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What more can we say about the Guts Crew?  We have the wild child, Space Viking…the 6’5″ Italian lover Zaino DaVigi…and the woman in their lives, Slime Pipe.

Space Viking

From the galaxy of GFY, comes a viking warrior like no other.  Slower than a speeding bullet, more powerful than your grandma, able to eat small dogs in a single bit.  It’s a bull, it’s a bear, IT’S SPACE VIKING!!!

Zaino DaVigi

Ladies, if you knew how many skeletons this 6′ 5″ Italian lover from South Texas has has used in his decorations, you might question your skills.  Move aside and all hail ZAINO DAVIGI!!!

Elizabeth "Slime Pipe" Andrews

Returning to us after hosting that beloved TV game show “Your Liver Looks Ripe” comes The Vixen of the Dark, The Bride of the Night, the Goopy, Icky, Glue that binds the team together…SLIME PIPE!!!

Getting Under The Skin Podcast - Episodes

Str8 Outta the Houston Underground. These half dead horror goons run the grimiest podcast in the horror gene, interviewing classic scream queens like Caroline Williams (Stretch) from Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 and new stars like David Howard Thornton and Jenna Kanell from Terrifier.

G.U.T.S. 55 – DJ Wonder

If you are a hip-hop fan of Hip Hop you know about DJ Wonder. From sway in the morning, to his own show on Shady 45 he has been...

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G.U.T.S. 54 – Josh Ruben ( Scare Me)

The new movie "Scare Me" blew us away. So when we got the chance to talk to Josh Ruben we were really excited. The dude just knows how to...

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G.U.T.S. 53 – Pumpkin Head

This week we break down the 1988 classic Pumpkin Head.

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G.U.T.S. 52 – Live with Caroline Williams

G.U.T.S. is coming to you live from the Texas Theater. At the Ten Minutes to Midnight Premier. With the Queen herself, The Caroline Williams. 

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G.U.T.S. 51 – Phobia Haunted House

When we got the invite to tour the Phobia Haunted House we were thrilled. Definitely one for the books. We think you'll this view of horror from a very...

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G.U.T.S. 50 – Halloween

On this special 50th episode we dive into the Rob Zombie new age classic Halloween. Thank you all for the support. It means the world to us.

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G.U.T.S. 49 – Silent Hill

On this episode we breakdown the 2006 sleeper Silent Hill.

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G.U.T.S. 48 – From Dusk Till Dawn

This week on G.U.T.S. we breakdown the Vamp Classic From Dusk till Dawn. Long live Cheech!!!

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G.U.T.S. 47 – Spree (Eugene Kotlyarenko)

So great choppin it up with Eugene Kotlyarenko. The writer/director of Spree. 

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G.U.T.S. 46 – HOST

Jed Sheperd & Radina Drandova of Host Shudders new bangger "Host" is making a lot of waves. From across the pond, Jed & Radina give us the ins and outs...

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G.U.T.S. 45 – Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 with Caroline Williams

We got the pleasure to chat with the one and only Caroline Williams aka Stretch of Texas chainsaw massacre. She lets us know about all her upcoming ventures. Mainly...

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G.U.T.S. 44 – House of 1000 Corpses / Fried Barry (Ryan Kruger)

All the way from South Africa Ryan Kruger drops knowledge about the international indie scene. How blending styles is becoming common practice. Plus we break down one of the...

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G.U.T.S. 42 – The Scream Episode/ Billy Pon (Circus of the Dead)

We sat down with one of the biggest personalities in the horror community, Billy Pon. His new movie " The circus of the Dead" is a certified banger. Plus...

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G.U.T.S. 40 – Stephen Ohl (Useless Humans)

One of the best screeners we have seen in a long time. Stephen Ohl and his squad of goons have made a killer flick. Plus we breakdown the 80s...

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G.U.T.S. 39 – A.P. Films

A and P films was born when 2 film students joined forces for there love of film making and horror. They have become one our favorite production companies. True...

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G.U.T.S. 38 – The Toxic Avenger (Mark Torgl)

We got the legend Mark Torgl from the Toxic Avenger. Just a solid dude. Rate, Review, Share. We love you

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