Getting Under The Skin

Hosted BySpace Viking and Zaino DaVigi

Come kick it with the G.U.T.S. Crew as we chop it up with our favorite filmmakers and recording artists. Broadcasting from deep inside the underground hip-hop scene. We dive into the genre head first. To us, horror is our life. WE are G.U.T.S !

G.U.T.S. 58 – Amulet

Here at G.U.T.S. we cast a huge net when it comes to Horror. There is not many movies (that are worth watching) that get by us. Being in this community comes with a lot of suggestions and not many surprises.  Every now and then horror movie slips through. Finding those great movies, after you think you’ve seen it all is one of the things that keep us in this game. Amulet is a perfect example. None of us had heard of it. But all of us Loved it.

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