Getting Under The Skin

Hosted BySpace Viking and Zaino DaVigi

Come kick it with the G.U.T.S. Crew as we chop it up with our favorite filmmakers and recording artists. Broadcasting from deep inside the underground hip-hop scene. We dive into the genre head first. To us, horror is our life. WE are G.U.T.S !

G.U.T.S. 59 – Barry Kinyon (TCM2) & Outcast

This week on G.U.T.S. we got Barry Kinyon from Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. Being that TCM 2. is so iconic, it was a blast having him tell us all the crazy stories from back in the day. From getting bloody by the hand of the great Tom Savini, to being directed by the GOAT himself Tobe Hooper. He spills it all. Plus a break down of the 2010 Irish film OutCast.

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